Pricing Ordering & Measurement


With a soft dressmakers Tape Best if someone does it for you, measure a fingers width above the ears through the widest part of the back of the head and through the forehead where you would wish the hat to sit. Make sure the tape is parallel. Tension the tape to be not to tight but not too loose just comfortable how you would wish a hat to fit and feel. Take the measurement down to the quarter of a inch or cm, and repeat the measuring instructions to double check. 


Custom hat measuremnet

 Hat size chart

We mainly use and recommend

European Rabbit fur felt (dress weight)
¥ 45,000 
European Rabbit fur felt (western weight)
¥ 60,000
Ecuadorian Straw (Panama) 
¥ 40,000 

We also have available 

Antelope Felt 
¥ 55,000

Beaver Felt
¥ 70,000 +

Many other straw options 
Available upon request. 

Oversized hats incur additional charges. 

Most colors and textures available  

50% Deposit when ordered, 50% when completed.

Please email to get your order underway.
We can build your new hat from your inspirational images.